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WHAT ARE AMANITA MUSHROOMS AND HOW DO THEY WORK? Amanita mushrooms are scientifically known as Amanita Muscaria but are sometimes referred to in everyday language as fly agaric mushrooms. These mushrooms are impressive to look at with their iconic appearance. The fungi have trademark white bodies with red or yellow caps sporting prominent white spots that look a bit like raised warts. Amanita mushrooms grow natively in multiple regions throughout the Northern Hemisphere. However, the spores of these fungi have managed to spread to other areas below the equator and now grow freely in multiple places, especially near conifers and birch trees. Throughout history, amanitas have been used as entheogens due to their low-grade hallucinogenic properties. The mushrooms contain the two psychoactive alkaloids muscarine and ibotenic acid, which converts to muscimol either in the body or through a decarboxylation process when heated. While these agents may have hallucinogenic properties at high doses, these compounds interact with different receptors than typical psychedelic agents like psilocybin. Psilocybin interacts with neural transmitters like serotonin, while muscimol interacts with GABA receptors. AMANITA MUSHROOM GUMMIES LEGAL IN THE UNITED STATES? For now, amanita mushroom gummies and other products containing amanita extracts are mostly legal. Since these mushrooms do not contain psilocybin, they have not been called out specifically by the Controlled Substances list. However, some states have taken steps to prevent the distribution of amanita mushrooms because of their hallucinogenic properties, one of which is the state of Louisiana. As always, it is strongly advised to check the laws and regulations of your state before your purchase. WHEN SHOULD I TAKE AMANITA MUSHROOM GUMMIES? Because these are legal psychedelics with the potential for hallucinogenic properties, always use amanita mushroom gummies responsibly. The effects could last up to 6 hours and affect


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