TheKindPen Jiggy Wax Oil Vaporizer

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-400mAh Battery -Ccell 510 Cartridge -Quartz Crystal Atomizer w/Quartz Coil -Instant Heat Dip Attachment w/Quartz Tip -Packing Tool -5x Pipe Cleaner -5x O-Rings -Micro USB Charger -User Manual The Jiggy is a combination between a vape pen and an electronic rig. It comes equipped with a straw atomizer attachment for the most convenient dab dips as well as a dual quartz rod atomizer for the classic vape feel. When using the vaporizer as a straw, you can dip the end of the straw into your wax concentrate and take a draw without doing any preloading. It also has a ccell 510 cartridge for traditional oil vaping. Features include 2 Click Preheat(2.0), 3 Click Variable Voltage(3.3v, 3.8v, 4.3v, 4.8v), 5 Click On/Off, 510 Compatible, High Grade Metal Construction.




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