The Kind Pen Bi Level Grinders

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Product Description

This Bi-Level Herb Grinder is made of black colored aluminum and branded with The Kind Pen’s official logo on its lid. It uses diamond-shaped teeth to finely grind dry herbs within its top level. Made up of three pieces, the top piece of the grinder is magnetically connected. However, the bottom pollen chamber uses a thread locking mechanism to screw into the middle piece. This middle section of the grinder contains a fixed mesh screen, which sifts minuscule particles of herb into the pollen chamber. This herb grinder also includes a pollen scraper, so you can easily gather these finer particles of herb. Produced by a highly credible company, this branded grinder is certainly dependable. - Bi-Level Herb Grinder - 3 Pieces - Made of Aluminum - Logo on Top Face - Diamond Shaped Teeth - Built-In Mesh Screen - Pollen Chamber - Includes Pollen Scraper - Magnetic Top




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