OGJams Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Experience the purest flower flavors with the handheld OG Jams herb vaporizer. Easily connects to a bong or bubbler so you can enjoy safe group sessions all day long. The OG way. With the OG Jams, you get: - purest flavor of any vaporizer, thanks to an all-ceramic 1-gram chamber & airpath - precision vaping for all types of flowers — adjustable temp range [302°F—446°F] - clean & safe group sessions — attach your bong or water bubbler in seconds - adjustable vortex airflow for getting the max out of your 3-5 minute sessions - on-the-go vaping with a quick-charge system — 2000mAh battery last 3-4 hours Choose the OG Jams today. Enjoy a tailored vaping experience & get the most out of those sweet-tasting terpenes every time! The OG Jams is more than an advanced handheld dry herb vaporizer -- it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s the ultimate statement piece for vapers in the know. So if that''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s you - if you don''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t want to compromise when it comes to flavor, performance, and ease of use - you should make the OG Jams your jam. This handheld vaporizer clocks in at four and a half inches [and only 2.5 in width], combining the best of both worlds - it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s bulky enough to feel substantial in your hand... but small enough to fit inside your pocket. In addition, adjustable temperature ranges allow you to dial in the perfect temp for the kind of flower you''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''re using without burning those terpenes and sacrificing flavor. The best thing about the OG Jams is its versatility -- it''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s a handheld dry herb vape pen that can satisfy a whole group of vapers. Thanks to its easy attachments for glass bongs and water bubblers, you and your crew can now enjoy group sessions that are fun, clean, and safe. FULL SPECIFICATIONS: - Built for ultimate performance with an eye towards the aesthetics - Best robust materials - food-grade hard plast




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